Rock / USA
Seven Stitches started out with members from Problem Solver Revolver, Abnegation, & Years From Now wanting to do something heavy and slightly different from their previous efforts. They released a 5 song CDep entitled "darkness is the light" and went on to play quite a few shows. The CD was recorded by Doug White @ Watchmen Studios Jan of 2002. <br><a href=><img src=></a> <br>After their CD had been out for a bit, the band went back into the studio to record the tracks featured here. These are the last 4 songs recorded by Seven Stitches prior to breaking up. These songs have only been released online. Recorded at Watchmen Studios, Buffalo NY. Engineered by Doug White. <p>You can still find their debut CD "darkness is the light" for only <b>$4</b> from the <a href=><b>SURPRISE ATTACK RECORDS WEBSTORE.</b></a>